SA Roofing September 2017 // Issue: 93 - Page 13

ADVERTORIAL: COVER STORY Product Focus / AshGrid™ Spacer Support System The first of its kind in the construction industry, AshGrid™ is the market leading solution for flat roofing projects. AshGrid™ is a structurally sound bracket and bar system designed to create a cavity between the liner sheet and outer weathering sheet to allow for the installation of mineral wool insulation. This structural cavity prevents the risk of the insulation undergoing compression, which decreases its thermal performance or ‘R-Value’, meaning the roof element of the building envelope is subject to failing to comply with legislative requirements. In addition to its use in refurbishment projects, AshGrid is also a time efficient, cost effective solution for asbestos encapsulation. This method eliminates the requirement to dispose of the existing asbestos, allowing for the existing roof to be converted into a thermally efficient flat roof. Over-roofing of this kind also guarantees to reduce disruption to the buildings occupants. The installation is a simple three step method which saves time and costs for on-site construction. A new SafeLoc bar and bracket has also been introduced, tight fitting and reliable bar connections are essential to ensure the stability of all spacer systems during constructions. Ash & Lacy have developed a new generation of spacer brackets, using the original AshGrid Bar, still the market leader after so many years. The AshGrid ABV Bracket, incorporates 4 points of contact onto the bar, maximising stability and adding the strength required for deeper cavities. Bracket heights up to 400mm are available, and actually out-perform the current AshGrid Brackets. 4 points of fixing into the support structure are also incorporated. Bracket depths will be available from 180mm to 400mm in increments of 20mm, to suit any ‘R’ value requirement for both Wall and Roof construction. Furthermore, due to the exceptional strength of the AshGrid ABV Brackets, sway brackets will not be required.