SA Roofing September 2017 // Issue: 93 - Page 11

ADVERTORIAL: COVER STORY We Are Ash & Lacy Through years of research and development, Ash & Lacy now offer an unrivalled building envelope solution for both commercial and residential projects. As a company, we strive to offer thermally sound, architecturally diverse sustainable envelope systems, meaning there is no design limitation. For the construction sector, we manufacture a diverse range of engineered facade and roofing systems, complemented by a comprehensive range of fasteners, loadbearing components and accessories. Our in- house testing facilities, as well as design and engineering analysis capabilities ensure that all Ash & Lacy products are at the forefront of technical performance, and often exceed industry standards. The Importance of the Building Envelope The purpose of the building envelope is to act as a physical barrier between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of a building including the resistance to air, water, heat, light and noise transfer. The building envelope, compliant with SANS10400X ensures that the internal user is safe and comfortable whilst also performing in the most efficient manner possible in terms of energy consumption. What can Ash & Lacy do for your Envelope Design? Our mission is to design and supply sustainable systems with extensive lifespans when installed in either new build or refurbishment projects. All of our systems, whether it be for walls, roofs or the internal loadbearing steel structure, are all assessed and tested by the regulators relevant to the specific envelope components. Areas of Expertise • AshGrid™ Spacer Systems • Fixings - Class 3 & 4 • Standing Seam • Steel Framing • Rainscreen Facade & Support Systems • Mezzanine Flooring Systems • AshJack™ Flat-to-Pitch Roofing • Fabrications & Profile Sheeting Supplying the Best to the Construction Industry With a strong connection to the Australian construction market, who’s energy efficiency laws are almost identical to South Africa’s, the opportunity has been identified to fast track the progress made, simply by learning from the similar market with similar climatic conditions and construction methods. This will ensure impeccable construction standards in the South African region, guaranteeing the welfare and comfort of the built environments users. The foundation of any high quality construction is the building envelopes core components. Our Supply Network A variety of our products are used across the world for an array of projects including: • Australia • Canada • North America • Africa • Europe • Middle East Think Innovation, Think Ash & Lacy. SEPTEMBER 2017 9