SA Roofing October 2016 // Issue: 84 - Page 39

Colyn added: “A client must now prepare a baseline risk assessment to identify the major occupational health and safety risks, as well as establish priorities and a programme for future risk control for an intended construction work project. A suitable, sufficiently documented and coherent site-specific health and safety specification for the intended construction work, based on such baseline risk assessment, must then be prepared.” This type of baseline risk assessment will ensure a proper analysis of all the activities at the construction site and allow employers and employees to identify the high-risk activities that must be addressed in the health and safety plans of the principal contractor and other contractors. Below is a summary of the Construction Regulations (2014), as set out in Section 43 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1993: More stringent health and safety obligations • The new Construction Regulations place more stringent health and safety obligations on a wide range of parties who are