SA Roofing February 2018 // Issue 97 - Page 35

HELPING YOU PRESS FORWARD WITH QUALITY, SERVICE DELIVERY & GREAT SAVINGS!!! Formed in May 1986, Unilam Pressings (Pty) Ltd is no ‘newbie’ to the truss and pressings industry. The company is an independently owned specialist manufacturer of anti-split plates, electrical laminations and products for the timber roof truss industry. Extensive mechanical and digital state-of-the-art equipment (under a 5000 sqm factory roof) allows for the production of pressings from a wider range of materials and specifications. Unilam’s impressive manufacturing facilities coupled with it’s formidable team of highly-skilled tool makers enable the company to render products of the finest quality at an affordable price. In 2016, Unilam acquired Roof Truss Design software. The company has successfully achieved system membership with the the Institute for Timber construction which has given way to a new company approach of effectively moving engineered products directly from our factory to you. Unilam prides itself on using only the highest quality structural steel. The company has it’s own reliable delivery vehicles and has also partnered with a transportation and logistics firm that have decades of experience and a reputable reputation. Unilam is therefore fully capable of distributing our products all across South Africa in a short time frame and at an economical rate. UNIGRIPS FOR TRUSS SUPPLIERS TIMBER TRUSS DESIGN SOFTWARE: • • • • • • User Friendly Safe and Economical Huge Savings Time Saving Accurate Estimates Fast Analysis ENGINEERING: • Design Certificates • ITC accredited onboard Engineer • Structural Engineer/designers (Software developers) • Highly skilled estimators • At your service PRICING Through the modernization of the production process, Unilam have managed to keep manufacturing costs low and are therefor able to pass the saving directly to you - our valued client. Some of our UNITRUSS products TEL: (011) 032 7030 EMAIL: 40 Field road, Lilianton, Boksburg, South Africa