SA Roofing February 2018 // Issue 97 - Page 28

FEATURES Roof inspectors: the eyes and ears of an engineer A certified and qualified roof inspector is required to inspect a roof on a regular basis to ascertain if a roof is in good condition or if it is due for maintenance or repairs. By Ntsako Khosa The design of the roof must match the structure upon which it is built. R oof inspections are a necessary requirement to sign off a roof and to receive an occupation certificate for a building. In a nutshell, a qualified roof inspector conducts a thorough inspection of the roof design, trusses and structure to assess if the building is suitable for occupation. “We close the loop on the process; the systems supply the software and nail plates, 26 FEBRUARY 2018 RESIDENTIAL // COMMERCIAL // INDUSTRIAL which are used to design the roof and fabricate the trusses; and fabricators manufacture the trusses, after which these are sent to site where they will be erected. Inspectors then come in and make sure that what is designed matches what has been erected on site,” says professional engineer and Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA)-registered roof inspector, Richard Bailey from Roof Inspection Services. Bailey currently works with 16 inspectors whom he has trained to conduct timber roof inspections. Having been in the industry for more than 28 years, he expresses that much has changed in the industry. “A19 regulations have been around for over 30 years, but they weren’t always applied,” he says. Roof inspectors, Stian and Tinus de Jager, from TrussVision, say that it was the late Victor