SA Roofing February 2018 // Issue 97 - Page 26

FEATURES indoor unit, but also needs to drain the condensate water away to the outdoor unit (when the unit is in heating mode). “This crucial point is often overlooked and can be the cause of major structural damage if not catered for,” states Meyer. Finding the space When it comes to doing routine maintenance on the systems (or breakdowns), usually HVAC contractors have minimal space to work with. “Space and accessibility play a key role in maintenance when it comes to any HVAC system,” says Meyer. “Maintenance on air conditioners in ceiling voids is often not considered by designers and ceiling contractors,” Parry adds. “When plastered ceilings are fitted, a manhole must be fitted to gain access to the air conditioning area that may require attention in years to come,” he says. Cramer adds that access for maintenance or repair must be provided either from above or below. “Challenges often occur with modern ceiling designs which may result in cutting ceilings open to repair or remove HVAC equipment. This is a practical problem in particularly domestic homes and apartments,” he says. Design considerations “The initial design of the roof is so important,” Parry emphasises. “We have had instances where a flat roof design couldn’t bear the TWO GREAT AIRCONDITIONING BRANDS: 2000 ACCREDITED INSTALLERS NATIONWIDE! Backed to the hilt by Fourways Airconditioning with 8 national branches. Established in 1999, Fourways Airconditioning has become one of the largest Airconditioning and Heat Pump suppliers in South Africa, ensuring an unrivalled combination of product availability, technical support and after-sales service. Offering a wide range of airconditioners from small midwall units up to Samsung’s high-capacity DVM S models, plus both domestic and commercial Heat Pumps, Fourways Airconditioning is your go-to company for top-quality, energy-saving products. Proudly distributed by 24 Gauteng: P re t o r i a : Bloemfontein: G e o rg e : FEBRUARY 2018 (011) 704-6320 (012) 643-0445 083 381 0074 082 380 0708 C a p e Tow n : KZN: Port Elizabeth: H e l d e r b e rg : RESIDENTIAL // COMMERCIAL // INDUSTRIAL (021) (031) (041) (021) 556-8292 579-1895 484-6413 864-5233 Maintenance on air conditioners in ceiling voids is often not considered by designers and ceiling contractors.