SA Roofing February 2018 // Issue 97 - Page 24

FEATURES HVAC and roofing – more than just an afterthought Installing a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system inside or on top of a roof can be tricky; local experts talk us through the dos and don’ts. By Ntsako Khosa | Photos by Ilana Koegelenberg HVAC systems take up a lot of ceiling space and need to be properly planned for. Planning is key When fitting services like plumbing or electronics in and onto a roof (whether a domestic, commercial or industrial project), a specific process needs to be followed that already starts at the design phase. The same applies for the inclusion of a HVAC 22 FEBRUARY 2018 RESIDENTIAL // COMMERCIAL // INDUSTRIAL system. It can’t simply be an afterthought must start with the architect or person as it will cause many problems further responsible for designing the building. down the line. Generally, the architect designs the roof Two local HVAC contractors – John and then ask either a specialist contractor Parry, from 52 Engineering and Ralph or mechanical engineer to get involved to Cramer from Blue Hemisphere design an HVAC system that is suitable for Airconditioning – both insist that planning the building, explains Cramer.