SA Roofing February 2018 // Issue 97 - Page 19

PROJECTS A perfect fit to the precinct. A tterbury Properties, located in its own Pretoria precinct development on the corner of Pinaster Avenue and 18th Street called The Club, now has its HQ, Club Two, right next to the development – a perfect fit. “Embracing the advantages of consolidation for our own business is a ‘no- brainer’ for Atterbury,” says Louis van der Watt, CEO of Atterbury Properties. In 2015, Atterbury appointed Hofman Architects to design a space that would accommodate a gym as well as office space. The five office floors of Club One are leased to the University of South Africa, with popular retail areas such as Hogshead Craft Beer and Hudsons: The Burger Joint occupying the ground floor section. Measuring 5 200m 2 Die Klubhuis (Club Two) houses a modern and high-tech 3 300m 2 Planet Fitness Megaclub, as well as A-grade offices that includes Atterbury’s new HQ. Tony Hofman, director at Hofman Architects, says that careful thought and planning went into designing the look and feel of Club Two. “We designed a portal frame roof structure with curved sections that is divided by box gutters. There are five sections of the building and the roof indents inwards and outwards to add depth and shading to the eastern façade, which is the main entrance façade, of the building,” says Hofman. The steel portal frames are divided by concrete box cutters located on different levels. “They step in and out from the elevation creating deep shaded areas over the east façade and the entrance to the building,” says Atterbury’s head of marketing and brand management, Zahn Hulme. Selecting the steel “We specified Klip-Tite cladding so there won’t be any joints over the length of sheets. The bullnose was configured on site and the whole steel portal was installed as a single unit on site. The cladding as well as the striking roof enabled us to meet the aesthetic goal of creating a modern and industrial look and feel,” Hofman explains. The roof sheeting was also used with Starlite flexible glass wool insulation over a black sonic liner sheet, on top of a timber slatted ceiling in the offices. “We used 80mm lambdaboard between the purlins, painted black in the gym areas. For the ff6W2BwVV7G&6BV666W'f6W2&RW6VB7W7VFVB&VrFP6VƖr( 62VRGFW&'W'6VV7FVBFRƗFFR&`6VWFr&V6W6RFR66VVBfrFW0BVWG&FRFR&b6VWFrBFP6VWG2&R&VB6FR6FVW06VWBvFWBG2rFRVF&RVwFbFR&b( FR&F&&Bv26VV7FVBf"FPw2B2vB7VF&W'FW2F2&fFVBf6VB6VƖrvFW@FFF&GV7G2FR&&G2&RFV@&6&V6W6RvRFBvBFR6VƖp&fRFR6W'f6W2F&Rf6&R( 62VRFRFW&"FW6vBL:6"bFP'VFrfG26VW76ǒvFFRWFW&"FRf'7Bf"FW&R27FVV&fP6VFB7W'G2FR7FVV'Fg&PbFR&bFRVWfF"bFR'VFr06VVRFFFF6V""2B2VƖgBFB27&VFVBvF7FVV6V0B7FVVW6( FR&V6f"F22FRBƖRN( 2'BbFR7G'V7GW&R( Ч62f$U4DTD4U$4EU5E$dT%%T%#