SA Roofing February 2018 // Issue 97 - Page 15

ADVERTORIAL: COVER STORY Measuring at 85 000m 2 , the shopping centre will be the heart of developments yet to be built in the area. crisscrossing the parking areas and the busy SASA Boulevard. The size of the centre presented lots of challenges and opportunities for Chartwell and Rigifoam. However, working with Wilson Bailey Holmes, Wentzel Abrahamson Architects as well as SIP Project managers, they knew that with all their help they’d be able to do it. Roofing sheets were in excess of 60 to 80m long and they had to be lifted up, sometimes as high as 20m. Due to the location in a coastal area, this resulted in severe winds and lots of rain, so handling the material and getting it on the roof wasn’t easy. Lambdaboard – Cornubia One of the products that really helped was the Lambdaboard supplied by Rigifoam. The easy installation assisted in alleviating weather challenges and the long sheets that were installed. Rigifoam representatives assisted with technical difficulties and advised about which material would comply with tenants’ specification. “Lambdaboard has the highest R-value (which is one of four key factors that determine the effectiveness of an insulation material) per 25mm on insulation, what you buy you get. “No reduction in thermal properties over aging, no compressing on thickness during installation,” says Lyle Jeffrey, national sales manager of Rigifoam. Being a closed cell material, it does not absorb moisture nor is it affected by air movement. Lambdaboard is the only Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (ASIB) Lambdaboard assisted in prompt delivery to client. “ The mall roof project started in February 2016 and was completed before the mall opening in September 2017.” – Lyle Jeffery, Rigifoam. approved ‘combustible’ insulation material to be installed over sprinklers, as it does not soften, melt or drip blocking the sprinklers heads, as is the case with thermoplastics. With the high humidity and hot climatic conditions experienced in KwaZulu-Natal, it made the choice of insulation immensely critical for this project. South Africa’s leading retail brands such as Pick n’ Pay, Virgin Active and Shoprite have, for some time now, understood the benefits of excellent insulation. For this reason, Lambdaboard was the chosen insulation product used on Cornubia. The rigidity and compressive strength of Lambdaboard means not only that the roof sheeting integrates perfectly with the product, but it also eliminates any thermal bridging when used in an ‘over purlin’ design. The flexible face Lambdaboard allows for an aesthetically pleasing ceiling finish, and this always exceeds the client’s high expectations and standards on shop fitting and overall store appeal. “Its Green Building credentials are proven and therefore considered an eco-friendly product,” says Andre Wiese from Bentel Associates International Architects. The thermal conductivity on Lambdaboard (0.0024 W/m.K) at 22°C means it offers an excellent stable R Value, therefore allowing the centre’s tenants to truly take control of their energy costs,” says Wiese. The interior The north precinct is anchored by Shoprite, Woolworths and Edgars. It is characterised by a double level retail environment of fashion and department stores, lifestyle and homeware shops as well as convenience shopping. Easy access, good visibility and dynamic architecture complement the exciting retail mix which offers young and old a great shopping experience while also providing them with entertainment and relaxation. KwaZulu-Natal is renowned for its year- round moderate weather and this scheme captures this dynamic in a creative manner by providing a truly unique experience which encompasses the very essence of the KwaZulu-Natal lifestyle. Vote of thanks Chartwell Roofing is proud to be associated with the Cornubia mall, another infrastructure development that didn’t compromise on price to achieve the best thermal insulation. Chartwell Roofing expresses gratitude to the Rigifoam team for their assistance throughout the project. Their technical help, prompt deliveries and general service was excellent and contributed to delivering on time and giving the client a superior finish. The tenants love it as once it is laid and put in place, it requires nothing more. It offers superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties and that’s what we want to offer clients and we look forward to using Lambdaboard again in future. TM RESIDENTIAL // COMMERCIAL // INDUSTRIAL FEBRUARY 2018 1