SA Roofing February 2018 // Issue 97 - Page 12

EVENTS however, he maintains that they all don’t perform the same. “Pigmentation is used to make it last longer,” he said giving an example of the big yellow Makro logo that sits outside all stores. After his talk, attendees where served lunch in the Palace’s lunch area that included a large buffet selection. Fully fed and ready for more steel talk, Dennis White from the Southern African Metal Cladding and Roofing Association (SAMCRA) was up next to discuss metal cladding. White went into the new roofing codes stating that they require two tables, one which is conventional based on point and uniformly distributed downward (UDC) loads and the other table on wind load. He further detailed special environmental considerations experienced throughout the country explaining ponding as a big problem and pollutants as the cause of corrosion. “Corrosion from pollutants is more in winter than in summer,” he said. Some of the reasons for steel to corrode is when two surfaces are put together, an overtight fastener, wrong material, using nails or an extreme connection. “The hotter it gets, the quicker it corrodes. The temperature of a roof in summer can go up to 90°C, even with insulation added it still gets hot,” he added. After White’s presentation, attendees enjoyed dinner and live music, which gave them the opportunity to mix with each other in a chilled environment. Many attendees found the conference informative and relevant, stating that White’s presentation was practical, while Chavoos’ was technical and interesting. Aubrey Maleka from Cladco Projects said that he’ll be taking what he’s learnt back to the office to educate staff. A total of 0.4 CPD points were scooped up by those attending the conference. Clint Africa, technical marketing manager for Safal Steel, said the conferences have been rewarding. 10 FEBRUARY 2018 RESIDENTIAL // COMMERCIAL // INDUSTRIAL Daniel Van Deventer gave a presentation about paint coating technology. Dennis White giving practical information to the attendees. Professionals in the construction industry including architects, contractors and roofing companies were present at the conference.