SA Affordable Housing November - December 2018 // Issue: 73 - Page 33

PRODUCTS WE’RE ALL EARS T he Peltor wireless communication accessory from 3M is used to aid easy communication for those who work in very noisy environments. The new device incorporates Bluetooth wireless communication technology and is designed for use with the Peltor X series earmuffs – also available from RS Components – to enable communication via a mobile phone. The product offers numerous advantages for those working in hazardous noisy environments and enable clear hands-free communication without compromising safety. It allows workers to make and receive important calls without having to leave the site or remove their hearing protection and to communicate via the simple push of a button to converse with colleagues who are also on site. The Peltor wireless accessory, which meets ingress protection rating (IP54) for use in harsh environments, simply snaps into place in between the headset and the earmuff cushion of an X-series earmuff. Key specifications include a noise-cancelling microphone; one-button operation; talk / streaming time of about eight hours; standby time of about 250 hours; and charging time of about three hours. For more information, contact +27 (0) 87 550 8104. THE ULTIMATE RIVETING TOOL C onsidering the sheer number of rivets needed during pre-fabrication, assembly and field installation work, it is hard to believe many users still rely upon hand tools that strain the wrists. That’s the message from UPAT that has just announced the local availability of the new Milwaukee M12 BPRT pop rivet tool. “Designed specifically for the professional trades, the Milwaukee M12 BPRT not only simplifies the overall riveting process but rivets twice as fast and with far less muscle effort than required by hand tools,” says Werner Koch, Milwaukee product specialist. According to Koch, the Milwaukee M12 BPRT is the industry’s first rivet tool that uses a scotch yolk mechanism for dramatically improved tool performance, versus the traditional ball-and-screw mechanisms of other rivet tools. The scotch yolk mechanism is much smaller, allowing the tool to deliver a huge amount of force in a more compact and shorter package. The tool can rivet a range of materials including aluminium, steel and stainless-steel as it has a capacity of 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4mm and 4.8mm. Other benefits include the REDLINK Intelligence hardware and software, which prevents the tool from overheating, over- loading or over-discharging, while the single trigger engagement of the M12 BPRT significantly reduces the muscle effort required to complete a rivet. It is simply the complete tool for riveting down to the smallest details such as the retention nosepiece which keeps the rivet in place during application, the on-tool nosepiece storage and a quick-exchange front end for easy access and nosepiece replacement. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 624 6700. SAFE AND SECURE LATCHING T he MSA Latchways SRL range offers a dependable means of fall protection. Utilising modern engineering and innovative design, MSA Latchways produces the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective SRL lines available on the market today, backed up by extensive and independently-verified testing to ensure consistent and reliable performance. The company has full compliance with international standards such as BS EN 360:2002, ANSI Z359.14-2012 and ISO 9001. This innovation means that these parts can now be changed in a matter of minutes on-site, rather than having the entire unit returned for servicing, which increases downtime and associated costs. The replaceable components include the cable assembly, energy absorber, labels and cases. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 610 2600. READ ONLINE NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2018 31