SA Affordable Housing November - December 2018 // Issue: 73 - Page 30

PROJECTS The kitchen area in one of the units at Chris Hani Village. COE, we were able to address those issues and we no longer have those challenges, the project is going smoothly,” explains Mojapelo. FUTURE SOCIAL HOUSING PROJECTS FOR COE According to Pillay, social housing is of critical importance as it fills a specific gap between those that can’t afford and those that have mortgage affordability. A large portion of people that fall into the sector where they need to rent first because their income only allows them to rent. Once they can rent and build up some savings, and build up salaries over time after three, five or 10 years, only then can they buy and move up the housing ladder. As such rental and social housing plays an important step in people owning their own homes. Mojapelo refers to a study conducted by Demacon in 2015 which indicates that the need for social and rental housing in the City of Ekurhuleni is estimated at 60 000 social and rental units in the next 10 years. This amounts to 6 000 units to be delivered annually in Ekurhuleni – a clear indication that demand is rising. With such a high demand, Mojapelo explains that the city cannot deliver the capacity of the units alone adding that there is room for other private institutions to partake in social housing projects within the COE. The city has planned for upscaling social and rental housing projects that can be implemented in the short, medium and long term. Five short term projects have already been identified for implementation in 2018/2019 financial year. The projects are in various stages of planning, concept design and detail design, with one already at implementation with the appointment of a contractor. “There are many opportunities for social housing in the City of Ekurhuleni. The projects that we have spoken about are the first in the many that are to come,” Mojapelo says. In addition, Pillay says that the greater availability of social housing, will lead to communities passing through social rental housing as and when required. Ultimately people have adequate access to social and rental housing. CHRIS HANI VILLAGE MONTHLY RENTAL AMOUNTS Aluminium windows from one of the units. 28 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2018 UNIT TYPE RENTAL AMOUNT Bachelor R1 280 1 bedroom R2 000 2 bedrooms R2 700