SA Affordable Housing November - December 2018 // Issue: 73 - Page 29

PROJECTS amalgamation of nine towns, many of which have degenerated over time. To address this issue, the city has come up with the GEAR 2030 strategy – a plan focusing on urban renewal and urban regeneration of inner cities. Regarding this, social housing is a catalyst for the promotion of urban renewal and urban regeneration of inner cities. According to Morgan Pillay, EHC CEO, there is a whole thrust within Ekurhuleni to start looking within the inner city. Increasingly Ekurhuleni will start looking at inner city old buildings and to what extent these buildings can be converted for rental and social housing. “That’s going to be a big thrust for us going forward in the sector,” Pillay says. This project is perfectly located within the Germiston inner city, providing easy access and well located within reach of socio economic facilities such as the Germiston Fire Station. As part of promoting integration and identification within the city, the project is not only focused around the social housing units, but also the development of a new fire station. “In terms of the GEAR 2030, there are plans to integrate the fire station precinct to be a place that will epitomise integration where people can live, work and play within the Germiston inner city,” Mojapelo adds. Pillay echoes the sentiment, adding that the location has relative access to job opportunities schools and transport. “Chris Hani Village is a very special project, as the name suggests it has a particular remembrance of the role that Chris Hani played. Certainly, we want to see that project play that role in terms of how people interact in their space of home in work and play. For me it has the best location of many social housing projects.” Another unique aspect of the project is the look and feel of the units. “Those that live in these units are very fortunate people,” explains Pillay. A main focus of this project is to create units that are nice and liveable for people. Pillay adds that the type of finishes and the type of product created at Chris Hani made for a very superior product and says that it is probably the first and last time something like this can be achieved due to the cost limitations. UNIQUE PROJECT A rainwater harvesting system used for irrigating the garden. As with any major project, challenges are to be expected and the Chris Hani Village project also had its fair share of challenges. “Just like any other construction project, we had some challenges regarding the fast tracking of payments in the project, which had a ripple effect. If the contractors are not paid on time then the workers are not paid on time,” explains Mojapelo. Community unrest from service providers, labourers and emerging contractors on site also proved to be another challenge. Most of the challenges were around payments not reaching labourers on time or as agreed. As a result, labourers were not willing to continue with work until such issues were resolved. “With the assistance of the CHALLENGES OF THE PROJECT One of the two bedrooms in the unit. NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2018 27