SA Affordable Housing November - December 2018 // Issue: 73 - Page 16

ADVERTORIAL - COVER STORY Breaking through the boundaries of affordable housing A residential association is growing from small beginnings to a significant role player in the affordable housing sector. By SAARDA The new Urbika Estate development in Boksburg, Gauteng. T he South African Residential Developers Association (SAARDA) was formed to address the affordable housing industry challenges through constructive and collective bargaining. The goal is to create an environment between government, local authorities, communities, industry professionals, financial institutions and developers to effectively deliver much needed housing to create: • Economic growth; • Infrastructure delivery; and • Sound communities and a better future for the next generation. Over the past year SAARDA achieved success through constructive engagement, representing the interest of our members on various forums to deliver our input and express our concerns through participation. The affordable housing industry is facing numerous new challenges through new legislation initiatives and local authority policy changes in a continuous changing society and economy. PROPERTY PRACTITIONER BILL The bill was stabled to replace the current Estate Agent Affairs Board (EAAB) to include virtually everyone involved in the property industry including: • Selling of property • Bond facilitators (originators) • Private funders (excluding banks) • Developer in-house sales teams • Valuators • Rental management, among others The act requires everyone involved in these activities together with its directors to meet the minimum requirements set for an estate agent and principal under the current act. The proposed bill directly impacts a number of our members. We delivered our input and expressed our concerns on the practical implications and we expect the amended bill to be published soon and continue to monitor the impact on the Industry. INCLUSIONARY HOUSING POLICY The City of Johannesburg is the first to table a new Inclusionary Housing Policy (policy) and it is expected that most local authorities are already drafting their own policies in terms of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA). We engaged with the City of Johannesburg and objected to the policy on various grounds including the constitutionality of the proposed policy. After numerous See more on page 16. 14 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2018