SA Affordable Housing November / December 2017 // Issue: 67 - Page 33

PRODUCTS MOBILE CONSTRUCTION GAME CHANGER H ydraform International recently launched its M9 Business on a Trailer, a roadworthy trailer complete with block- making plant, equipment and tools for on-site block production and construction. The trailer allows for the setup of temporary block yards as and when needed. The entire system can be packed in 15 minutes and moved, allowing high mobility and on-demand production in the block-making and construction business. The system’s compact design and mobility makes it easy to store. The system is popular due to two main advantages – it reduces construction costs and can deliver housing faster. It is also extremely versatile and can be used for any buildings ranging from low-cost and rural developments to upmarket urban housing. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 913 1449. HIGH PERFORMING, DUST-FREE HAMMERS B osch’s latest additions to its range of rotary hammers generate 50% more than the current strongest 18V rotary hammer. The GBH 18V-26 Professional and GBH 18V-26 F Professional come complete with EC motors. These hammers are comparable with corded tools such as the GBH 2-26 Professional. The EC motor is maintenance-free. Users may choose a model with a fixed chuck or one with a changeable chuck. The hammers with an active integrated dust extractor now offer tradespeople a dust-free environment. The GDE 18V-16 Professional can simply be attached to the rotary hammer when required and it has its own motor. For easy and clean drilling, the dust extractor has an automatic power on/off function and starts automatically at the same time as the rotary hammer. For more information, contact +27 (0) 12 381 3552. CLOCK-IN LOCK SAVES TIME E conz Wireless has released another new feature for Econz Timecard called Clock-in Lock where companies can restrict the location where the employees may clock in. Setting up Clock-in Lock can be activated by the sales manager, operations manager, site supervisor, field services manager or even admin managers. Choosing a location may include a specific location, address or region. Companies can choose to allow clock-in within a distance of 10m, 50m or 100m. Creating Custom SmartFences is simple and easy to use on Android or iOS GPS enabled device. This smart solution connects mobile workers with their office using simple web interfaces and phone and tablet based in-the-field applications. Econz Wireless applications are low-cost, accessible, and easy to set up. For more information, contact +27 (0) 10 500 9637. AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2017 31