SA Affordable Housing November / December 2017 // Issue: 67 - Page 30

PROJECTS Photo of interior lounge/dining room as attached. believe in the benefits that Selcrete’s product can provide in terms of addressing the existing backlog of housing in South Africa. By eliminating the need to construct homes using bricks and mortar, which takes much longer, we’ll be able to roll out the delivery of quality built homes far quicker and cheaper. We’re excited about working together with them to build many more homes like Gogo Khumalo’s soon.” BUILDING GREEN “The current rollout is costing government more to remedy than the initial capital expenditure (CAPEX) cost of poorly constructed RDP homes. Figures in certain areas are estimated to be up to two to three times the original build cost. We offer a better more affordable and greener solution to easing the housing backlog,” says Graeme Horwood, CEO of Selcrete. Selcrete are currently in advanced discussions with Ekurhuleni, Knysna and the City of Cape Town. In addition, the product has been introduced to the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal municipalities and negotiations with other SADC countries are underway. 28 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2017 Gogo Khumalo showing off her new home. AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING