SA Affordable Housing November / December 2017 // Issue: 67 - Page 18

COVER STORY A close up of a LSFB construction technique. "This is the first student housing project to be registered for Edge certification in South Africa." - Grahame Cruickshanks over a 50-year period with the remaining 80% the operational energy. A cursory glance at Tygerberg 3’s physical structure and at its projected environmental statistics reveal that the project fits perfectly into the three criteria described by Barnard. According to STAG, optimal design is integral to its offering and all residences are constructed in line with community, sustainability, innovation and flexibility principles. Spaces are designed to be flexible and easily modified, enabling the formation of a unique residential identity and accessibility for students with disabilities. Edge certification in South Africa is provided exclusively by the GBCSA , which leads the transformation of the South African property industry to ensure that buildings are designed, built and operated in an environmentally sustainable way. 16 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2017 AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING HOW LSFB COMPARES TO BRICKS AND MORTAR • LSF buildings appear no different to ‘conventionally’ built structures, except that the quality of finishes is typically better with the former. It has found rapidly growing acceptance for ‘affordable’ as well as up-market buildings in South Africa. • It is a cost-effective building method, with financial savings emanating mainly from considerable time savings to complete building projects, less rework, reduced logistical costs – which are of growing importance due to escalating fuel prices and general construction inflation – and a drastic reduction of rubble on building sites, when compared with the brick-and-mortar alternative. • LSF building is significantly more energy efficient than heavy construction methods –regarding ‘embodied energy’ of the materials and components, as well as ‘operational energy’ relating to heating and cooling of the building over its design life.