SA Affordable Housing November / December 2017 // Issue: 67 - Page 17

COVER STORY CONCRETE ROOF TILE EQUIPMENT USED WORLDWIDE SINCE 1985 THE ONLY EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE PRODUCING HIGH SPEED CONCRETE TILE EXTRUSION PLANTS The quality of finishes of LSF building is typically better than conventional built structures. EXTRUSION MACHINE S CAPABLE OF MULTI-PROFILE PRODUCTION The development consists of 200 bedrooms comprising 25 pods of eight bedrooms and two bathrooms that each feed in to a common kitchen area and socialising room. The use of water and machinery is also reduced during the construction process due to the nature of the materials used, and a grey water system was installed for irrigation. John Barnard, Southern African Light Steel Frame Building Association (Sasfa) director, says that it is encouraging that an increasing number of developers are recognising the environmental benefits and long-term cost savings of LSFB. “Sustainability with regard to buildings is essentially based on three criteria: social acceptability, affordability and energy efficiency. LSFB rates highly on all three of the sustainability considerations,” he says. Barnard adds that embodied energy of materials and components used for LSFB is reported to constitute about 20% of the total energy consumption of a 200m² house OVER 100 CONCRETE ROOF TILE PLANTS INSTALLED IN AFRICA OVER 1000 DIFFERENT SPARE PARTS SUPPLIED DIRECTLY FROM OUR STORES IN SOUTH AFRICA SINCE 1985 Manufactured by Jessop & Associates (Pty) Ltd A recent photo of Tygerberg 3. Tel: +27 16 421 2521 Fax: +27 16 421 2539 WWW.PROTILE.CO.ZA AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2017 15