SA Affordable Housing November / December 2017 // Issue: 67 - Page 13

ther no Never miss a AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING COMMUNITIES | INFRASTRUCTURE | DEVELOPMENT edition SA Affordable Housing is a unique alternate monthly publication dedicated to the subject of affordable housing in South Africa today. It addresses topics and issues relating to rural and urban infrastructure planning and development, as well as the delivery of affordable housing. This publication is grounded in the absolute conviction that every South African must have access to a home and that these homes (and the infrastructure that supports them) must be of a standard that is reflective of the needs and dignity of our citizens. SUBSCRIBE TODAY! FOR MORE INFORMATION Alternate monthly titles African Mining Quarry Southern Africa Water Sewage and Effluent Cold Link Africa MMPR* SA Affordable Housing Timber iQ Print R342 R342 R342 R342 R342 R228 R285 R228 (once-off payment valid for 12 months and 6 issues) Contact one of our consultants | Call: +27 (0) 11 579 4940 Email: ZAR Online R969 R969 R969 R969 R969 N/A N/A Annuals Print African Mines Handbook and online R3 477 Plumbing Africa Directory MMPR* Directory RACA Directory PRINT SUBSCRIPTION COST Print USD49 USD49 USD49 USD49 USD49 USD29 USD35 USD Online USD89 USD89 USD89 USD89 USD89 N/A N/A ZAR Online Included Print USD399 Monthly titles The Civil Engineering Contractor Mining Mirror Plant Equipment & Hire Plumbing Africa RACA Journal SA Roofing – 10 issues Print R684 R684 R684 R684 R684 R342 ZAR Online R969 R969 R969 R969 R969 N/A Print USD89 USD89 USD89 USD89 USD89 USD45 USD Online USD99 USD99 USD99 USD99 USD99 N/A When measurement matters USD Online Included Stand alone With subscription Stand alone With subscription R969 R969 R969 R228 R228 R228 USD99 USD99 USD99 USD39 USD39 USD39 *Mining & Minerals Product Review SUBSCRIPTION REQUEST Complete the form below and send to or fax to +27 (0) 11 450 1920 CONTACT DETAILS PAYMENT DETAILS Credit card Name: Mastercard Credit card number: Designation: Last 3 digits on back of card: Company: Please invoice me Type of business: Direct transfer Code: Fax: ( Mobile: Expiry date: yy / mm Banking Details: Interact Media Defined (Pty) Ltd, commercial cheque account Address: Tel: ( Visa ) Bank name: First National Bank Account number: 6248 929 0016 Branch code: 250 655 ) Swift code: FIRNZAJJ Signature: Date: