SA Affordable Housing November / December 2016 // Issue: 61 - Page 9

NEWS R15 million facelift for flats in Elsies River Work is underway to improve the external structural walls of 116 blocks of City of Cape Town rental stock in the Elsies River area and surrounds through waterproofing, painting and other structural stability interventions. T he blocks that are being upgraded in Elsies River are in the Adriaanse, Clarke Estate, Leonsdale, Belvienie, Nooitgedacht and Avon areas. The project started in August 2016 and is earmarked for completion by the end of this year, if all goes according to plan. Since it started 44 blocks have been upgraded. So far, this project has enabled the creation of 90 local job opportunities and more are expected as the project is rolled out. The main thrust of the work being done is to improve the structural integrity of the external facades through waterproofing, painting and other structural stability interv [[ۜ˂\\ܘYH\Z[^X]Y[\H[X[][Y[‘\Xܘ]x&\]\]X[Y[Y[[\[Y[][ۂܘ[[YKX[KH\Xܘ]HۘYYB\Z[]H\\Y[و] [[[]˂ܚ\[\^H[\ݙHH^\[X\[[قLMو]Hو\Hۈ[[[H[Y\”]\\XK[XYN]Hو\Hۂ'Hۙ][ۈو\Y[[[[H[Z]Y\\\]H]H]\\[HXZ[[[Bܚ]\\]Z\Y X\]]YH][Y[و[\]X[Y[Y[[8'HZYH]x&\X^[ܘ[[Z]YBY[X\܈[X[][Y[[[܈[YXH[Z[[]\[H[[Y\و\][ۋ8'H\H[B[Z]Y[\ݚ[H]\و\[[Y[[Y\X\]]\[ۙH\HH^K'BH\\Y[ X[Y\[]Hۙ][ۈق[]K]YH[[ [ۙY[[[X\[H™]\H[ܚ]H[[ˈH[[\\Yۈ]\\Z\[XZ[[[H\HوHܚ]X[]\K[[Y\]\ٚ[[[\[][\HX\[HYK\ܘYHو[\\Y[[\^K[XYN]Hو\Hۂ']\^HHH\[۝^[XH\B\][ˈH]H[[Y\]X]HY]YX[وBXZ܈\ܘY\\]Z\Y܈Hۈ\ˈ][[[[[و[[ۜو[ XHY][HXKYYH\[]X][ۋH]HHœ]\ۈ\[[[YKX۝X]HBXZ[[[HYYو\[]ˈ܈[[K\[[[YH[[H]Y[ H[ۙH\XH܈ H[[\8'HZY[Z[[8'YX[HYH[XZ]HBL H[[[YKH[[ܙHXZ[[[K'BQԑPBHTS‚ՑSPT HPSPT M‚