SA Affordable Housing November / December 2016 // Issue: 61 - Page 7

ASSOCIATIONS Clay brick paths and patios increase home value The Clay Brick Association (CBA) explain how brick paths and patios can increase the value of a home. A paved walkway or garden patio provides a superb return on investment – it quickly increases the value and liveability of a home, with minimal risk, capital outlay or labour costs. A brick-in-sand patio is easy to build and requires just a few basic skills – it’s a quick project for the small contractor or even the DIY enthusiast. It expands the living area of the residence and provides a desirable entertainment area for family and friends. The same brick-in-sand method can be used to provide a convenient, flat pathway that stops mud being tracked into the house on a rainy day. A walkway right around the house offers a firm, smooth walking surface and channels rainwater away from the structure. Brick paths and patios can increase the value of your home, says the CBA. Image