SA Affordable Housing November / December 2016 // Issue: 61 - Page 34

PRODUCTS CLEVER AND COMPACT B rand new and extremely handy to the Tork Craft product range is their new Folding Rulers range. It is the perfect instrument that can be used for wood working, geometry, technical drawings, printing and designing, engineering and construction. It can also be used for measuring distances and ruling straight lines, angles and slopes. THE DOCTOR IS IN C ut your drill bit costs to zero with Drill Doctor, the self-powered drill sharpening system that will save you a fortune. Available in three models (750 X, 350 X and 500 X) for sharpening both steel and masonry bits. The Drill Doctor is new technology in drill sharpening and is the most innovative tool ever introduced. There are many drill sharpening products on the market that are complicated, difficult, don’t allow any room for errors, hard to set up and use and will need to be powered by a drilling machine. This compact wooden ruler is super rigid once unfolded to its 2m length (10 folds of 20cm sections). It is also available as a plastic mini key ring unit, which is half a metre in length and folds to a pocket size of 5cm. The Drill Doctor range’s instructions are simple, leaving very little room for error in setting up both steel and masonry drills for sharpening. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 314 7711. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 314 7711. GO WITH THE FLOW MORE POWER TO ORBITAL WELDING A s built environment professionals place greater demands on concrete to flow in a certain way, they are also looking for better finishes. Concrete using Chryso’s Fluid Premia 500 range has repeatedly met and exceeded these challenges. The technology provides excellent water reduction properties that are necessary to obtain the targeted concrete flowability, optimal viscosity, excellent setting times and superior early strengths. The plasticiser also enables easy and consistent placement even in applications with congested reinforcement, while providing a good quality surface after the concrete has hardened. T he Orbimat 165 CA power supply for orbital welding offers an integrated water cooling system and is easy to operate due to its multifunctional rotary actuator. Reliable Orbimatic automatic programming can generate welding parameters by simply inputting the tube diameter, wall thickness, material and welding gas. More than 5 000 welding programmes can be stored, with the added benefit of on-the-fly adjustment of welding parameters during the welding process itself. The foundation of the Fluid Premia 500 range is Chryso’s Fill Free technology system. It is modified polycarboxylate ether-based superplasticiser technology that does not have thixotropic properties, helping to produce a concrete that is cohesive, but with moderate viscosity. In addition, the new flow force feature means that the arch gas rate is adjustable. This allows pre-purge times to be reduced to seven seconds on enclosed weld heads. An optional BUP control module allows the internal purge pressure to be optimised during the weld cycle, therefore compensating for the sinking of the welding pool. The pro-service system also allows for a simple functional test with no need to open the unit. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 395 9700. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 608 3001. 32 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2016 AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING