SA Affordable Housing November / December 2016 // Issue: 61 - Page 27

PROJECTS Example of the affordable private school which will be built at Sky City. SKY CITY OVERVIEW This development will include: • 15 358 residential units, consisting of 13 242 residential single stands and 2 116 high density units. • One regional shopping centre of ±33 000m². • 16 schools, including an independent school of ±9 000m2 on ±5ha for ±1 650 learners. • 17 social nodes for community facilities. Artist’s impression of the planned mall. Sky City will provide housing to people earning from R10 500 per month and will offer building packages from under R400 000. People earning less than R15 000 per month will also qualify for housing subsidies under the Financial Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP). INFRASTRUCTURE The civil and electrical services and infrastructure for the entire project will total R1.3-billion. The services and infrastructure for the first phase – comprising 1 693 residential single stands and 425 high density units, the shopping centre, filling station, taxi rank, two schools and three social node stands for community facilities – will total R160-million. COSMOPOLITAN PROJECTS Largest storm water pipes ordered from the manufacturer in 20 years! Established in 1992, Cosmopolitan Projects is a market leader in affordable housing. Today it has offices across Gauteng and continues to provide exceptional service with a particular focus on lower to middle income groups. AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2016 25