SA Affordable Housing November / December 2016 // Issue: 61 - Page 17

FEATURES An additional 300 units were built commencing November 2013 and were completed in February 2014. The advantages of modular construction, an alternative to traditional construction, are clearly seen at Delft. Modular construction has proved to be successful in providing affordable accommodation at high volume delivery rates, while providing quality homes to some 1 400 families. The resident families at the Delft site have responded positively to the project. The biggest advantages the homeowners have noticed are the energy-efficient insulation qualities of the units, with reduced heating costs in winter and coolness in summer. Residents have also mentioned that keeping the internal walls clean is relatively easy and that, thanks to the slight elevation of the units above the ground, there is less dust. The supply of residential accommodation units in kit form made it possible to utilise work teams drawn from the local community that were trained on site typically comprising six people per team, and they had only basic skills and little if any construction experience. Once trained, these teams are able to deliver a 48m² unit each day. The simplicity of the fully-engineered design and construction allows for minimum use of skilled labour and almost total elimination of the traditional construction materials that tend to result in extended delivery timeframes inherent in conventional building methods. The success of the Delft initiative has been built around the innovative application of ideas underwritten by an enlightened engineering approach, which makes use of modern building construction materials. A lightweight structural lattice steel grid platform anchored slightly above the ground on steel legs, requiring minimum soil levelling in most instances, forms the sub structure. Onto this the damp proof course and base floor covering of timber or fibre cement boards are applied. Insulated modular panels, manufactured by Intastor, are then bolted to the steel sub-structure, providing the walls in the form of pre-painted flat steel skins on a fire-resistant Isolite polystyrene core. The use of colour and printed stone pattern on the steel skins externally enhance the appearance of the units. Some internal walls were supplied in a steel skin with printed 'Oregon Pine' wood grain finish. The roofing panels were provided as a combined pre-p Z[YPY[Y]^\[H]H [[]Y\K\\\[\]B\\[HܙH[H][\YK\Z[YZ[[™[\[\[H\YY[ L H[ˈ\ݚY\[وݙ\YH[H[H[YX[]\[ܙ\›ܝ[]Y\[YH[[[H]\[ق]H[\X[ۜˈ]\XH[]\ZY\]H[][]X]ۈۙHX[]\H][\ۙ[XYH܈[[][ۈ][\قXܞHX[YX\K^Z[][H[[\[Y]ܚو p[]’[\܈\XHX[HH[\[[H[ݚYHH\\[[\HZ[[\X]Y][X[[][]Y\ˈHܰH\\X\Y[[\\و[[ L\[H[YH\\\ܚXYXݙKH^Z[][H[وH[[[[\‚\[Y]\ۙH[]]HYX[KXY]H[\œ][ۜX[HوHX[[[Y\X[YY˜[Y\[Z[[^KH[[\[[Xٙ\H\XZ[[ܙH][]H[B[X\و[\\\YY H[Y[][\][›[X]\\[˂QQSSQTPQHVB[\[\]]H\[X]\X[XZ[]\[B[\H\YY[[YH ъHZ[[XKBXYHYшXH\H]][ۘ\H]˜ۜX[ۈX\]YH[]YXK]Z[YX[ۂ]Z]H]ZXH[^K]\HXXH[ۈ] [X[B\\\H[ܙH YYX]H[\Z[XHZ[[›X]\X[[Y][ۘ[X]\X[˂[ NNM H]ݙ\Y[[\[Y[YH[XۛZXXH[Y]ܚ[[]X]HYHوB[YXۛZXY\]X[H]^[XY ]Y[ NNM[ Kݙ\ۙHZ[[ۈXۜX[ۂ[][Y[ܘ[[YH  H\\\HZ[˜X[[]H]HZ[[ۈوH\[X]Y LHZ[[ۂ]YX[][]]\\[˂\\]\HۜXYX\KH[XXH[XH][H[\[X\[X\][\\XK]\H]\[[[Y[܈B\Y[˂[\[[Y[[YHۜX[ۋHۙ\[[›Y[X\وHٚ[[\H]ۜX]Y[ [ L YY[[YH ъHٜ]\H[۝ [[8&\шٜ[H[[Y[\[œڙXXܛ]][˂][\ܝY\X[Y[\X܈و[[ ^Z[]ш\\\H[YX[[\]]H \XX[B[]Y\X\[X]\H8$\HBY\8$ш\\\HY [[\\т[[][ۜ][\]Z\HHܘ[H[[[N^H\H[\HYY\HXKXYYܚ\˂'ۈH\\[[X\\\\HX]H][BXX[H]H\HHܘ[H[[[K8'H^\ܝY\[]Y\\[X\\\[^\]\]8&\Hш\H\XX]\X[܈Xٚ[8$H\\\H[[Y]]H\HوHܘ[KX[H^[]H[[ [YH\و]YXB[\YX[[Y\YX[X]Z\Kш\\˜\H[[]][HX\H[ܝ [Y][ۈш[HX\[HZ\Y]ۘܙ]Hق[\HX\\[Y\Yو[H[]YXKH[\[HY^Y\XHH\\˂[\^HZ]وыX\XHZ]HXٚ[X܋\HXوXZ[[[Kш\\\BXYHH[[\YY[[ YHX[YX\\XY\H]YX[][ۘ[[\ S LMBXXYY\HܘYHو[[\[]\\]Z\Y [\ܝY\^\8'\H\XZ[[[B]]\'BQԑPBHTS‚ՑSPT HPSPT MMB