SA Affordable Housing November / December 2016 // Issue: 61 - Page 12

COVER STORY Keeping up with latest trends It’s a well-known fact that trends will always come and go. The introduction of FinDoors to Board Express’ stable of brands has revolutionised the idea of what a door should be. Image: FinDoors H istorically, it was up to designers, manufacturers and decorators to inform their client which styles and finishes to choose in their home – and where to find them. But the type of client that contractors service has changed dramatically over the past few years. With exposure to content online and a keen interest in lifestyle trends, clients now know exactly what they want in their homes. Driven by a desire to have their homes match an everevolving taste influenced by the latest fashions and styles, clients also tend to change their mind more often and demand that their décor follow suit. HIGH TURNOVER OF STYLE According to interior designers, most people would – on average – redecorate and change their living space and bedrooms every eight years. More recently, eight years is considered a long time, with clients’ lives changing considerably – both in their income bracket and lifestyle preferences – during that period. Today, clients and consumers are open to the idea of changing more than just the colour of a room, but rather its furniture and fittings more regularly. 10 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2016 AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING The more permanent – and often frustrating – fixtures such as doors can be the sore point in these makeovers for two reasons. The first is because the door is usually the focal point when entering a room and it doesn’t always complement an updated or new style of a room. The second is that finding the right type of door is both difficult and costly. OPENING THE DOOR TO POSSIBILITY With Board Express and FinDoors, however, that’s about to change. Port Shepstone-based finishing and component manufacturing company Board Express has a long and proud tradition of supplying unique and high-quality products that add value to any trader or contractor’s offering. The introduction of FinDoors to its stable of brands has revolutionised the idea of what a door should be and what it can add to the look, feel and décor of a room. FinDoors offers the trade a product that satisfies the demands of the modern client – who wants to update their look constantly with the latest trends – with a wide and carefully-selected range of moulded door skins featuring stylish designs and finishes. See page 12 for more.