SA Affordable Housing March - April 2019 // Issue: 75 - Page 27

PERSONALITY PROFILE CBA executive director Mariana Lamont. sit next to a fire and share our ideas, dreams and goals,” she says. Somehow, she also finds time for reading and baking and often rises early on weekends to bake biscuits or rusks. Lamont says that in the end it comes down to one simple philosophy that links all the aspects of her life from family to the CBA. “Today’s footprint is tomorrow’s legacy – we must acknowledge that each of us has an impact on the natural world and our communities; it is our responsibility to ensure that our impact is a beneficial one. I am proud to play a role in the continued and steady improvement in the economic and environmental sustainability of the clay brick sector in South Africa,” she adds. SEND US YOUR NEWS, EVENTS OR PROJECTS EMAIL: | CALL: +27 (0) 11 579 4940 MARCH - APRIL 2019 25