SA Affordable Housing March - April 2019 // Issue: 75 - Page 25

ADVERTORIAL - PROJECTS Versatile step block creates safe space to play In July 2018, Eikestad Primary School, Stellenbosch in South Africa transformed a bland, paved space into a safe place to play for its students. By Terraforce Low steps mitigate the possibility of injury. A s Eikestad Primary School’s proposed outside play area sloped upwards considerably, the school had to find a way to mitigate the possibility of injury by adding some low steps to allow students safe and easy access to the playground equipment. SP van Blerk, director, Decorton Retaining Walls, says he suggested the Terraforce 4x4 Step Block by Terraforce. “It offers a rounded / bullnose front to form softer steps and terraces. An added benefit is that the completed steps also look great once they are installed.” Van Blerk adds that the locally developed product has become very popular at public recreational or educational facilities, “It is often more affordable than other solutions out there. Also, the blocks are durable, don’t burn and can be readily repaired or recycled.” The installation was completed in August 2018 and no major challenges were encountered. In addition to a concrete foundation underneath each row of steps, the blocks are all concrete filled for extra stability. Says Van Blerk, “We avoided cutting the blocks as much as possible, rather making use of spacings between the blocks to form the rounded lines.” Van Blerk is very happy with the result. “Instead of hard concrete paving, the space now features comfortable steps and seating, modern play equipment and was finished off superbly with Easygrass for added safety for the children. The finished project really stands out!” MARCH - APRIL 2019 23