SA Affordable Housing March - April 2019 // Issue: 75 - Page 10

ADVERTORIAL - COVER STORY Put your trust in clay bricks Clay bricks last for centuries – some structures built with clay bricks are recorded to have been around since 4400 BCE, the question is if builders in ancient times put their trust in clay bricks, why don’t you? Images by Federale Stene Clay bricks are composed of mainly natural ingredients. P opular South African tourist attractions like the Bell Tower at the Castle of Good Hope (1684), Pietermaritzburg City Hall (1893), Seal Point Lighthouse (1878) and Voortrekker Monument (1949) were all built with clay bricks. Tourists still visit these locations today and all the buildings are sturdy and still in use. Many clay brick buildings and structures of more than 500 years old have been found and recorded all over the world. Therefore putting your trust in clay bricks is important; history has proved it, which is why Federale Stene takes pride in carrying on with the legacy of manufacturing quality clay bricks. 8 MARCH - APRIL 2019 Federale Stene has 61 years of experience in the clay brick industry and has provided millions of bricks to numerous projects and continues to maintain excellent customer service. Federale Stene mainly manufactures clay face bricks but also produces semiface, maxi and plaster clay bricks. The main objective when choosing building material for your project is effectively managing and saving costs. Building cheaply means you can end up with a project getting extended and mishaps may occur during the building process, sometimes on a regular basis. A quality clay face brick is the answer! Contradictory to popular