SA Affordable Housing March / April 2018 // Issue: 69 - Page 41

PRODUCTS iCAT ‒ SAFE FOR PEOPLE AND ENVIRONMENT i Cat’s SABS-approved range of water and foam mist fire extinguishers include a patented T-Rotor Technology system and are safe to use on people and the environment. These extinguishers have a mist stream feature that is used to protect trapped victims from flames, heat and smoke. When mist is used, people and the environment do not encounter any chemically active substances except a mist made of water or inorganic salt solutions. The system can even be used to extinguish electrical fires without the danger of electrocution. The existing systems generate mist with drop sizes between 50 and 1 000 microns, however with drop sizes below 100 microns, the system uses less water. For more information, contact +27 (0) 86 112 4228. ADVANCED MEASURING NEVER EASIER A full range of premium German measuring tools are available locally from leading distributor Upat in Johannesburg, ranging from levels to lasers and even tape measures. The extensive Stabila range includes entry-level units to sophisticated digital devices. Stabila has become synonymous with measuring tools, with the initial focus on rules, spirit levels and measuring tapes. Some of its more recent innovations include the development of a protective system to protect rotation lasers in case they are knocked over, a dust- and waterproof electronic module for spirit levels. The new patented revolutionary aluminium R-profile spirit-level design allows for added sturdiness, stability and grip and provides the option of being able to mark out with the spirit level itself. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 624 6700. HAMMERING EFFICIENCY B osch’s range of 18V rotary hammers (the GBH 18V- 26 professional and GBH 18V-26 F professional) all have EC motors, which are highly efficient and require very little maintenance. The rotary hammers come equipped with a kickback control feature that gives installers complete control, especially when drilling on hard materials such as reinforced concrete. If the rotary hammer turns suddenly or unpredictably on its drill axis, as can occur if the drill becomes jammed in reinforced concrete, the integrated sensor shuts off the motor in a fraction of a second. This prevents unexpected kickback of the tool and reduces the risk of injury. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 651 9600. AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING MARCH - APRIL 2018 39