SA Affordable Housing March / April 2018 // Issue: 69 - Page 38

FEATURES PROJECTS Crèche with child-size ablutions and a fenced off, grassed play area. Communal laundromat facilities are located centrally. Other than the day-to-day challenges found on any construction site, Tebogo Modishane, development director of Instratin explains two obstacles specific to Matlosana Gardens. Initial community resistance to the project was fuelled by thoughts of infamous oppressive regime hostels for migrant labourers that led to woefully uninformed fears about personal safety and decrease in property value. Modishane stresses that, while the community is not quite fully on board yet, the process of information dissemination is an ongoing one. By far the costliest obstacle has been the inadequate sewerage infrastructure for the development, which has delayed the roll out of occupancy. To mitigate the risk of delays to the project, Instratin, local and provincial governments collaborated to expedite the implementation of upgrades that are necessary to increase the capacity of the outfall sewer line. NOT ALL PLAIN SAILING Two shops located adjacent to the laundromat. EN HOUSING SECURITY The intended purpose of the development of Social Housing is to provide adequate housing for low- to medium-income earners and the developments are intended to be maintained as social housing in perpetuity. To ensure this is upheld, there are strict regulations to be adhered to in line with policy and SHRA would have a notarial deed of restriction to ensure that this development is maintained for this purpose. Now, the SHRA only funds around 65 to 70% and outstanding 30 to 35% capital that still needs to go into the project will come from the developer by way of equity or debt, depending on how they want to split it. Modishane says 1 168 units have been provided over a development period of about 26 months. This is an impressive example of what can be achieved when the government creates a favourable framework that encourages private sector participation to help supply a public need. 36 MARCH - APRIL 2018 AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING Site visit, from left to right: Thabiso Chabedi (IHS leasing manager), Nonde Ndema (resident engineer), Lwazi Khumalo (Instratin technical operations and architect), Tebogo Modishane (Instratin development director) and Tahane Mahlaole (IHS deal maker).