SA Affordable Housing March / April 2018 // Issue: 69 - Page 35

PROJECTS Biometric access-controlled entrance. income and the ever-increasing building costs made it unfeasible for the Social Housing Institutes to be able to meet this demand on the delivery of social housing units as this framework had not been reviewed since 2009. As a result, it became a lot more difficult to deliver on government housing goals because there was no rationale for private individuals to get involved. By moving the income band to R15 000, Government is strategically tapping into a larger segment of the market (the growing gap market) and, according to Mahlaole, there are some good thought processes behind the catchment of that market. These types of secure housing projects are applied all over the world, he says, and countries like Holland and Singapore have always been best-practice market leaders in the concept of subsidised housing and rent control. It not only opens opportunities for private sector participation, but also allows the beneficiaries to enjoy social upliftment without fear of just exceeding the income band and losing their subsidy. Because of this, IHS and their partners began to investigate new product types or housing typologies, for example, three-bedroom units that accommodate larger families. “Another very important issue of social housing is property management,” adds Odendaal. The control of the development and screening of beneficiaries must be properly conducted to prevent issues of non-payment and to ensure that strict guidelines as regulated by SHRA are adhered to. The property management must inform the tenants of their responsibility as tenants as well as educate them about the prepaid electricity and water meters amongst others. BREAKING NEW GROUND Odendaal explains how the government subsidy works, “It is rental accommodation, although the private sector was not aware of this and the SHRA did not actively promote ODAs until recently. The applicable act has always allowed for ODAs in the sector. However, it is only recently that the SHRA has promoted the participation of ODAs in the sector. As the owners of the housing development, the ODAs raise the capital to develop housing stock, but the rent is legislatively controlled. Regular inspections of the rentals are required to ensure that they accommodate qualifying beneficiaries in line with the policy to service Aerial view of Motlosana Gardens under construction. AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING MARCH - APRIL 2018 33