SA Affordable Housing March / April 2018 // Issue: 69 - Page 34

PROJECTS Motlasana Gardens comprise 1 168 units. Matlosana Gardens – – affordable housing that rocks In Matlosana City (formerly Klerksdorp) in North West Province, you will find an example of social housing that seems to have everything: excellent location, appealing design and easy access. By Tracy Maher A lmost anything can be made to look good on paper, but the proof of the pudding (or project) is in the tasting or, in this case, the site visit conducted by Tahane Mahlaole, deal maker at International Housing Solutions (Pty) Ltd (IHS). Before driving two hours to Matlosana – deep in the Dr Kenneth Kaunda municipality district – we met with IHS technical specialist Willem Odendaal and Mahlaole for a little background regarding the project, as well as the amendments to regulations governing social housing in South Africa. According to Odendaal, the recent landmark shift in the social housing policy increased the income cut-off of potential housing applicants from R7 500 to R15 000. This more adequately addresses the need for rental accommodation in the growing gap market between those who qualify for fully subsidised housing and those who don’t earn enough to be homeowners. The Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA) increased the subsidy to R265 000 per unit and enables 32 MARCH - APRIL 2018 AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING Other Delivery Agents (ODAs), which are private sector investors that partner with government, to deliver units. These changes assist in accelerating the delivery of social housing units by encouraging private sector participation. For example, a unit price