SA Affordable Housing March / April 2018 // Issue: 69 - Page 29

FEATURES Building on innovation shapes our tech future Innovative Building Technologies (IBTs) are changing the way in which we consider construction. Compiled by Benjamin Brits | Photos by Selcrete IBTs reduce time and costs as well as promote health and safety. I BT is a generic term used to describe the use of non- standard, innovative building systems, products and materials, preferably made in a factory – either in part or whole – and assembled on site. IBTs can be classified according to: • Mass • On site or off site • Type IBTs are typically used to reduce time and costs of construction but also improve quality and also to enhance performance as well as promote health and safety. IBTs can act as an agent of construction industry reform by supporting the industrial development strategy, local raw material beneficiation, increase employment opportunities and a green economy through using less energy and water to produce. All in all, contributing to the National Development Plan. Graeme Horwood, CEO and co-founder at Selcrete, says, “Other than traditional concrete, brick and mortar, globally and in the African context, there are a myriad of systems in existence and coming into the market, which all fall under what is known as Innovative Building Technologies.” A SHIFT FROM TYPICAL BUILDING MATERIALS Traditional building materials (TBMs) and their methodology have been around for a long time. “TBMs are not necessarily the most cost, time efficient or environmentally friendly way of building,” adds Horwood. With where we see ourselves currently, many components have started to advance in terms of material types and energy savings, as the global trend moves AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING MARCH - APRIL 2018 27