SA Affordable Housing March / April 2018 // Issue: 69 - Page 25

FEATURES What also needs attention however, is the users’ awareness that goes with efficiency. Currently we see a lopsided scale where products are getting developed to manage, for example electricity use, but the users at the end of the day don’t understand the importance of playing a part in the equation. Although there are fantastic innovations, without a genuine shift in the way people think, product developers and manufacturers will eventually get to a point where further efficiency is no longer possible. An important aspect to note says Gillott is that, “Even properties without an outside energy source it can be improved through using insulation and by insulating a property properly, you can slow down the rate at which the sun heats your living environment during the day and reduce the rate at which the residual heat build-up escapes from the property in the evening.” This also demonstrates that although we have fast moving technology, combining existing technology into the efficiency plan can achieve remarkable results. “At certain times of year, up to a staggering 42% of energy input can be lost through an uninsulated roof or ceiling, with 24% lost through uninsulated external walls. It’s just one reason why it is essential to get your insulation requirements right for your affordable housing project to minimise ongoing energy consumption and expenditure. In this respect insulation is possibly the only building material that can claim to pay for itself over time while keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Ultimately though, an energy efficient house, is more affordable over its lifetime,” Gillott adds. Efficiency on all fronts is not only relevant to all developments but specifically essential in the affordable housing sector with the long-term view of sustaining resources, creating comfortable and acceptable living conditions as well as controlling consumption costs for residents. VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT www.k www .knauf-insulat challenge. create. care. READ ONLINE TYPICAL SAVINGS (M&V RESULTS AS MEASURED BY UNIVERSITY OF PTA) 300.00 Element 200.00 150.00 100.00 0.00 Heat Pump 50.00 250.00 Time (hh:mm) WATER HEATING S O L U T I O N S H E A T P U M P S 012 546 7592 082 452 3475