SA Affordable Housing March / April 2018 // Issue: 69 - Page 12

ASSOCIATIONS SAPMA online training for retail staff The South African Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA) now offers online training for retail sales personnel. The modules were formulated in collaboration with CHEITA and SAPITI. A new SAPMA online training course culminates in paint and hardware store assistants becoming Certified Paint and Coatings Advisors. Deryck Spence, executive director of SAPMA, says research has shown that the sales volumes of retail outlets are directly proportional to the technical and application expertise among its sales personnel and their ability to offer professional advice to DIY consumers as well as smaller paint contractors. “Most paint retailers recognise the benefits that staff training can provide but national chains, for example – which operate throughout South Africa – face immense logistical problems to provide this tuition because of loss of income while staff is away for training, as well as related travel and accommodation costs. SAPMA’s Retail Committee has therefore developed a special online ‘webinar’ video training programme. “The online training is open to all retailers, including non-SAPMA members, and can be downloaded from the SAPMA website. The individual retailers will purchase the use of the training video under licence for a year, affording the retailer the opportunity of training multiple staff members. After each module is viewed, the trainee must pass an online assessment of the lesson before proceeding to the next of 10 modules. “Once the trainee has successfully completed the 10 modules, they must pass an overall assessment of the modules studied before SAPMA issues a Certificate of 10 MARCH - APRIL 2018 AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING Competence. The training videos acquired under licence are not transferable to other parties,” Spence explains. Mandy Linossi, SAPMA’s training administrator, says the modules were formulated in collaboration with the Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CHIETA) and will be hosted and directed by experienced SAPMA trainer, Toni Stella, on behalf the SA Paint Industry Training Institute (SAPITI), SAPMA’s training arm. Registration for the first course is now open. “The course covers the use of correct painting systems, what materials and tools can be used, plus important health and safety advice,” she adds. THE MODULES OFFER TRAINING IN: • Painting gutters and downpipes • Painting internal and external plastered walls • Painting concrete roof tiles • Painting gypsum board ceilings • Painting window frames • Painting palisade fencing • Painting bathroom tiles • Painting metal roofs • Painting exterior walls • Varnishing and sealing of external wood For more information, email: or visit: and click on the ‘Education and Training’ tab.