SA Affordable Housing March / April 2018 // Issue: 69 - Page 11

Retrofit Residential Application: Example for pitched roofs Residential Installation :- Retrofit ALULITE © RETROFIT: 1. Width: Measure space between trusses and add 100mm for width cut to size. 2. Length cut i.e. measure from eave to apex. 3. Place Alulite © between the trusses and staple 50mm overlap on each side to the trusses. 4. Overlap the following length by 100mm and follow the line of the roof 5. Ensure that a gap is left between the roof and the Alulite © 6. Ensure that the Alulite © goes as far as possible into the eave where the ceiling and roof meet. ALUTHERM © Cut 100mm Alutherm © to the width of the trusses. Place neatly and snugly into spaces between trusses. If there are downlighters present in the ceiling please cut around light and transformer and ensure that no product makes contact, as heat could cause smouldering and fire. Domestic Installation Tel JHB: 011 462 9122 CT: 021 931 1104 AFRICA THERMAL INSUL ATIONS A DIVISION OF WEST RAND ENGINEERING