SA Affordable Housing July / August 2018 // Issue: 71 - Page 29

PROJECTS Each unit is fitted with a solar geyser. have even employed a salesman from the community, who has already sold 35 units,” says Warren. Engaging with the community, DWD, got involved with a corporate social investment project as well. “At the bottom field of the development the locals had a soccer field where 17 teams played on a regular basis. We spoke to the community liaison officer and explained to him that the boundary wall will be going up and that they would no longer be able to use that space. We identified an area inside the informal settlement and built a soccer field for them. We hired the plant, compacted the field and donated 17 soccer kits to the teams,” says Warren. An outline of the estate, consisting of 638 units. GREEN HOMES As the houses are EDGE registered, DWD included certain elements to make the houses ‘green’. “Our homes are EDGE certified by the Green Building Council of South Africa, which means our houses are better for the environment, use less energy and water and are truly ‘green homes’. The estimated monthly utility saving is a minimum of up to 20% less as a result of the interventions implemented in the Edge Certificat.ion process,” adds Warren. TIMBER ROOF TRUSSES “Our interventions include adjusting our construction that the embodied energy is slightly reduced. Our roof trusses for example are timber and not light weight steel which is normally used in comparable developments. “The reason we’ve gone with timber is embodied energy in timber is less than in steel. We are using maxi bricks as opposed to a 220-brick wall - the result is that the embodied energy in the super structure of the house is slightly less. On the actual energy side of it we have reduced the power consumption all of the lights and are using led light fittings. Our solar geysers are larger than the normal solar geyser SANS 10400, we’ve made them bigger so we have greater saving on the solar geysers and then we put in light control mechanisms for day and night light sensors,” Warren says. Aluminium window frames are also installed, this not only gives a better finish to the product but keeps the heat in the house, cooling the house in summer and without air leaking out. Photographed on site at the Tirong affordable housing estate are, from left: Philip Kroukamp (DWD architect), Derek Warren (managing director of DWD) and Charl Duvenhage (DWD sales consultant). Some of the units have an open plan lounge and dining room. AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING JULY - AUGUST 2018 27