SA Affordable Housing July / August 2018 // Issue: 71 - Page 21

FEATURES PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS • Training by leading academics and key influencers in the housing / finance industry • Development of comprehensive business plans • Interactive engagement with sector experts • Networking events with business people, government, finance providers and other relevant stakeholders businesswoman. I sold leather handbags and accessories, but building my own home from the ground up, in 2009, propelled me towards the construction industry and I have never looked back.” Tau adds that to succeed in this industry, education is the key. “I will use every opportunity I am presented with to remind youngsters that, above everything else, education is key. The construction industry is male dominated and tough to navigate but armed with education, women can succeed in the industry. “Winning this award is a milestone for me, considering where I have come from, and to rise above all the odds. It further affirms the fact that I chose right when I decided to follow the construction path. Emerging as a winner of this award motivates me to push harder. Winning it has added value to my journey as it inspires me to want to do more and succeed. I will also use my story to tell the world that whatever one envisions, it is attainable,” she says. MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE High-altitude mountaineer and businesswoman, Deshun Deysel, shares five ways to take control of perceptions that can help entrepreneurs on their ascent to business success. When you hear the word ‘entrepreneur’ what do you think? What about when a company is described as a ‘small business’? Or, how about a ‘small black business’? Perception is truth and, for entrepreneurs, perceptions about you can make or break your chances of success. Yet, no perception is more powerful than the one you have about yourself. It shows others how to treat you and may well be the biggest obstacle you’ll ever overcome. At its entrepreneurship ‘To the Point Session’ held recently, Property Point, the Growthpoint Properties initiative, delved into how perceptions can impact entrepreneurs. This was one of its latest talks designed to inform, equip and inspire entrepreneurs. Tackling perceptions and changing unconscious bias in the marketplace is a key theme in Property Point’s drive to build sustainable small Deshun Deysel, high altitude businesses. Working mountaineer and businesswoman. AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING JULY - AUGUST 2018 19