SA Affordable Housing July / August 2018 // Issue: 71 - Page 19

FEATURES Women are raking in construction accolades Traditionally the world of construction was dominated by men. Today the profession is seen as an attractive career choice for many SA women and an entrepreneurial opportunity for them to earn a living. Compiled by Cherry Ellis T he construction industry in South Africa plays a vital role in our country’s economy. Because of boundaries women face in the industry they become entrepreneurs and open small construction companies, which brings its own challenges. Women have made inroads and are winning awards in various construction sectors for their contribution or for successfully running their own companies plus they are heard and recognised for their achievements and growth. The industry is evolving. Female trailblazers the industry are encouraging young women to participate in learnerships and become entrepreneurs to ensure that there is advancement up the ladder to success, and that more women become even more involved. At the African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo held at Gallagher Convention Centre recently, women were honoured and awarded for their contribution and the difference they have made – and continue to make – in the industry. The awards are not only about one night of celebration, but a year-round pursuit to highlight the best of the industry and to demonstrate the passion of those working in the sector. Entrepreneurs and industry leaders were judges f VW&W26FVv'v&G2v6rFW'26VFV@vV67G'V7FVrVG&W&VWW"&6r7F"ƖfRFR6WfVVBBG&6f&Fe$445E%T5D@DDŒ45$UDPFRv&G2vW&R76&VB'452dT%$2&76ǖइV&"Bd$F&R76'26VFVB6R'W6W70Ww24UD4D"67&WFRG&VBdTFV266PgVBd$%$22&76ǖV"4$6vRF&W Bt$&FFV"&W"&6FV7BBfVFrF&V7F"`&66UFvvvFRƖfWFR6WfVVBv&@FRvV67&WFRB67G'V7F6V7F60W"6&VW"f66F7FV2g&W"FW&W7B66V6R@'BvW&R&6FV7GW&R2&6Rb&F( Ēv6B7&VFfRFW"v6&R&FV6W76'F2f"&6FV7GW&&F&VƖWfRv0&&FfrF26&VW"FB26&VW"FBFVG0gV6Bb^( 2ƖfR&F'W6W72BW'666FW5( 6R62( ĒffV@&V7G2g&Ц66WFFFVƗfW'Цf66FVB'6WFW2&WGvVVW&&FW6v@&6FV7GW&RFWfVfV6&ƗG7GVFW0FBƖvFW6vFg&7G'V7GW&P2F27G26GffWFvVFRF&V7F"GVvPFWfVVB@G&FrVFW'&6RFFRW'2VWfFW2VFRG&6f&F6FVv'4R4DTt%tU%0tT45E%T5D( 2TrTE$U$TUU"$4r5D"vW GGV&V7G0ĔdUDR4UdTT@t$CtTऔ45$UDR@45E%T5DvW &FFV &66UFvE$4d$D66琥GVvRG&FpVFW'&6RvWFVr7B'VW"WVR&FvWFVrFW'FVB`g&7G'V7GW&RFW'FV@&B'VW"WVVvPv&V&6fB7G'V7GW&VvVW'07B'VW"WffFPGVvRG&FrVFW'&6R&B'VW"WG6Vp&VWvR67G'V7FBFWfVW'0VFV6琤RG6b766FW0VFG7W'fW'26'&FP7FVVVFRvWFVrdd$D$P4U4pTŒTuU5B#