SA Affordable Housing July / August 2018 // Issue: 71 - Page 13

ADVERTORIAL Prize offers ‘Eezi’ solution The Eezi-Over Roofing kit is a unique, patented and affordable, all-in- one modular roof kit, specially designed for Africa’s rugged and diverse outdoor conditions. By Prize Roofing | Photos by Prize Roofing D avid Prinsloo, the South African inventor and patent holder of the Agrément approved Eezi-Over Roofing kit, says the DIY kit contains everything you need to erect a roof structure, excluding the poles. Says Prinsloo, “South Africa and Africa’s rural populations have the desire and all the necessary traditional and proven skills to clad both the roof and walls of traditional housing and other similar type structures, using this kit. “Currently the main problem is the size limiting structural strength of the roof and the walls’ super structure.” This is where, together with suitably sized commercially available structural timbers, the easy-to-erect and compact 40x40x40cm Eezi-Over Roofing kit comes in. Besides delivering on the housing promise and improvement in the quality of life of African rural communities there are additional advantages of the kit, which include: • Incredible speed of the roll out of a quality product at a fraction of the current cost; • Enabling people to help themselves and rebuild their sense of community and pride; and • Generating employment and skills transfer by creating specialist Eezi-Over Roofing kit suppliers, distributors, erectors and transporters. HOW THE KITS HELP David envisages an approved kit supplier and contractor distribution system functioning as follows: • Cash Buyers, Privately funded or qualifying Government approved rural housing subsidy recipients are notified that they need to report to an approved local supplier for a short, ID verified, lecture and demonstration of how to erect the supplied / sponsored Eezi-Over Roofing kit and main structural timbers. • Upon completion of the course, the verified recipient or (under strict conditions) their approved proxy, signs for and takes delivery of the Eezi-Over Roofing kit and the following minimum building materials: » » foundation, sand, stone and cement » » the main structural timbers for the roof and walls » » the Eezi-Over Roofing kit » » delivery if required » » removal from the housing backlog list As funds allow (or if additional funding becomes available) and upon completion of additional local distributor-based skills training, further subsidy options may include: • Roof cladding materials • A water collection, storage and purification system • Solar water heating • Photo voltaic panels • Wall building materials such as door frames, doors and windows THE BREAKDOWN The kit has also been designed to be able to form multi-kit structures ranging in size that are suitable for schools, creches, community halls and clinics. The kit could also be combined for projects such as a four-bedroom home with en-suite bathrooms (this example requires five kits and an estimated cost of R300 000 for all materials, factoring in other costs such as plumbing and electrical work on a DIY project such as a hol iday home). CONTACT US For more information, interested government, private investors and distributors are welcome to view the comprehensive and self- explanatory videos on our website at: or contact David Prinsloo, owner of Prize Roofing on: +27 (0) 21 939 6533 or email AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING JULY - AUGUST 2018 11