SA Affordable Housing January - February 2019 // Issue: 74 - Page 29

PERSONALITY PROFILE Farhaan Varachia, MD of Volcanic Wool. have seen in the past few months on a large scale in Cape Town and other areas. We are also working with the relevant bodies to ensure fire safety and insulation awareness is amplified within South Africa,” he enthuses. As he speaks it’s very clear that the company and his position are things that Varachia not only takes seriously, but is also deeply passionate about. He hopes to make Volcanic Wool a household name in the near future and genuinely believes in the product. “The greatest benefit of working at Volcanic Wool is the ability to change people’s lives for the better. The product which we manufacture, namely, stone wool insulation, is an environmentally sustainable, ecologically friendly product which has numerous benefits and can save countless lives,” he explains. “The product is truly something special, and we strive to constantly improve it day in day out as part of our QMS. Our stone wool insulation products are truly the future for South African construction. It boasts the highest R-value in class and the best thermal properties. Over and above this, it also has the best-in-class acoustic properties,” Varachia says. When asked what his greatest lessons have been so far he hardly pauses before he says, “Dedication and hard work can help you achieve anything if you set your mind on it and want it bad enough.” And his boundless, exuberant energy doesn’t hurt either. JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2019 27