SA Affordable Housing January - February 2019 // Issue: 74 - Page 12

ADVERTORIAL - COVER STORY A rising star in affordable housing Tri-Star Construction is about to turn 35 and is thriving in troubled times – thanks to a decision it took five years ago to get involved in affordable housing. Tri-Star has successfully completed the first phase of Riverside. R ecognising the inevitable economic downturn five years ago and predicting its effect on the commercial, industrial and retail sectors ahead of time, Tri-Star Construction’s management took the plunge and entered the affordable housing market. Championed by one of their long serving directors – Maurice Williams – the company now boasts completion of more than 7 000 affordable units with a current order book of an additional 2 300. Tri-Star Construction is a multi-disciplinary construction company that can (and has) built anything from shopping centres to commercial office blocks, hotels, warehouses, residential, high-rise and low-rise construction and renovations. The project comprises the construction of new multi-storey residential blocks of 270 flats. 10 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2019 The company’s staff retention and career opportunities are excellent as they take pride in developing their human capital. For example, Tri-Star’s four contract directors have been with the company for an average of 17 years each and have collective experience in the industry of 120 years. Long service awards of 10 years plus were recently awarded to 40 employees. This loyalty and consistency of staff and leadership ensures a consistent quality in delivery, illustrated here through three of their recent projects. KEMPTON PLACE This massive project was completed in 2012 for City Properties and is an inner-city mixed-use construction project. The project comprises demolitions, the refurbishment of 180 existing units, 2 800m² of retail space and the construction of new multi-storey residential blocks of 270 flats. “Two tower cranes as well as vertical goods hoists were used to transport materials, people and waste, yet despite the vast and complex site Tri-Star’s safety record was substantial – maintaining a score of 93%,“ says contracts director Steve Aydon. At its peak 580 staff were employed on the site creating numerous jobs for the local community, which upskilled workers and small business units.