SA Affordable Housing January / February 2017 // Issue: 62 - Page 9

ASSOCIATIONS Online e-learning provides solid foundation The Concrete Institute’s School of Concrete Technology will from 2017 offer two internationally-respected advanced correspondence courses as online e-learning courses. Enroll now for two concrete advanced correspondence courses as online e-learning courses. Image: SCT J ohn Roxburgh, lecturer at the School of Concrete Technology (SCT), says the high level SCT41 (General Principles of Concrete Technology) and SCT42 (Practical Applications) courses are specifically designed to prepare a candidate to sit for the Concrete Technology and Construction Stage 2 and Stage 3 examinations set by the Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT) in London. ‘’The e-learning from the SCT will allow for participation of delegates from anywhere in South Africa or, for that matter, the rest of world and have scope for more interaction and progress monitoring between participants and the SCT than traditional correspondence training. The online courses have been structured to ensure that all the content is covered section by section, with the participant required to reach a level of competency in each before they are allowed to proceed. Employers will also monitor the progress of their employees during the course which includes a two-day workshop at the school in Midrand,’’ Roxburgh states. “For those planning to study for the Advanced Concrete Technology (ACT) diploma programme, offered by the SCT in Midrand in 2018, we encourage you to prepare for this by enrolling in the e-learning courses and writing the ICT exams in May 2017. A pass in both of these courses is a prerequisite to acceptance for the ACT programme,” he adds. A new one-day course, SCT15 Concrete for Batchers and Batch Plant Staff, will be off \Y[ MH[\\\]H]\YX[XYHZ^\X][ۈ TPJKH\H[HYZ[\\YBTPH[ٙ\Y[[\؝\\[ܝ[^X][\Hۋ8'\Z[[[ݚYB]\[Y]H][]H\[X[ۘܙ]HYX][ۈ[[ܞH\]Z\Y\][HZ\؜[XH]X[]HXYK[Z^ۘܙ]K8'B\^Z[˂H^\H[۝[YHݚYHۋ\]Bۘܙ]HXHYX][ۈ[]\H[]YXB܈Xܛ]ܙ\ˈ8'\HXX[\\8$[]BY[8&\[Z\\܈HZ[[][Hو L[Y]\8$\Hٝ[H[ YYX]H[۝[Y[YX[وYX][œYHX\\\H]Z[XH][Y]YXHݚYH\\XH[[\\\[HY\YHY[8&\XYX\]Z\[Y[˸'B[[ H[[ Mٙ\ MHY\[\\]]\܈Y\[Hܚ[܈[[ܚ[[ۘܙ]K\[]Y[\Y\ˈ8'[H[H]BܝYHو[Z[[\H][\Y\Y[[Y[ H\[H[Y]H]H[ۘܙ]HXBYX][ۈ8$ݚYYHHXۚ\YZ[[ݚY\X\H8$[[ܜ؈ܝ[]Y\[[[ۋ8'H\[\\\\˂\]˝Xۘܙ]Z[]]Kܙ˞H܈[]Z[قH MYX][ۈܘ[[YKQԑPBHTS‚SPTH HPPTH M‚‚