SA Affordable Housing January / February 2017 // Issue: 62 - Page 7

ASSOCIATIONS Students get their start in health and safety With health and safety such a crucial component of the building sector the Master Builders Association of the Western Cape (MBAWC) is, for the first time ever, providing a course to enable participants to acquire a SAQA-approved Certificate in Construction Health and Safety. A ccording to the latest statistics from the Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company, there have been 5 716 accidents on construction sites across the country in 2016, with 51 being fatal and 468 resulting in permanent disabilities. Recognising that health and safety is crucial to the building sector, the MBAWC is, for the first time ever, offering a course enabling participants to acquire a South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) approved Certificate in Construction Health and Safety. This is one of the many training opportunities offered by the MBAWC. Ten people were accepted into the two-year long programme. Each one completed their introduction to the building industry including all trades, excavation and electrical as well as two months of theoretical training at a technical institution. The learners have now been placed with MBAWC members to implement their practical training. Tony Keal, group skills facilitator at the MBAWC, says, “On completion of the programme, the learners will be equipped to work in the construction industry with HY[\[[[ۛYHو\][ۘ[X[[Y]H\[\[\ۛY[[Y\][ۈ[۝˸'BHY]X\\XܙY]Y]\]X[YX][ۂ[HXH\ۜXK[\[[H[YX][BY[YH[][X]H\][ۘ[Y]KYY[H[[\ۛY[[Xܜ[\][ۘ[[\ۛY[XX^H]HH][Y[[YXۈHX[[Y]Hق[KH\ L\H\X\[˂^H[[HXH\ܛH\[X[[[ۜ][HH[\HوX[[Y]HۈۜX[ۈ]\˂Y\Z\\YX\]PUY[X\\[Y\HY[]\HXX[[]][ۈ܈[Y][ۘ[[۝و[ܞH[[XZ\[\Y\ˈ[Z\\\YZ^H[XZ]ڙX[[\\\Y[˂ۘH^H]H\]YHܘ[[YKHX\\œXZ]H[Q][RRH]X[YX][ۋXۚ\YHB]YX[[[܈ڙX[ۜX[ۂX[Y[Y[ٙ\[ۜ PT H8$HX[X[\ۙ[و\Z[܈Z\ٙ\[ۘ[]\˂HRPQӕP ̍ H H ̍ [[[HX\[[YP[\XYYXK˞BX]ZHX\X]ZP[\XYYXK˞BQԑPBHTSSUSUQTSTPTHUSQSQԑPBHTS‚SPTH HPPTH M‚B