SA Affordable Housing January / February 2017 // Issue: 62 - Page 32

PRODUCTS SKY-HIGH REAL ESTATE IMPROVING LARGE SCALE HOUSING PROJECTS D irect Group Africa and Port Elizabeth property developer, Johann Dreyer, have identified the space above suburban homes as prime real W e must ‘think out of the box’ in providing the housing solutions required to overcome the vast shortage of housing units needed in our estate. country. With minimal facilities available to accommodate growing populations, the team came up with ‘fly over’ homes. That is homes with a second storey which are totally separate. The technology behind these homes is a modular building system consisting of steelframed expanded polystyrene panels developed over a decade for the African market. ‘Fly over’ homes are built using proven and accredited technology. The housing package’s aim is to provide families with safe and comfortable homes. LSF Supplies has developed a blueprint design of a 35m2 two-bedroomed home, which is ideally suited for high volume production of high-quality housing products. This design is supplied and delivered in a flat pack configuration. One of the key benefits in applying this technology includes the modular design that consists of room-sized units that can be transported to site easily and safely. For more information, contact +27 (0) 41 582 3750. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 884 0052. QUALITY LUBRICATION MADE EASY I ndustrial equipment such as cranes, anchors, elevators, shovels, suspension and structures all have wire ropes which are important to their operation. They are designed for different applications in usually harsh environmental conditions. Typically wire rope strands rub against each other, effectively causing stretching, bending, fretting, fatigue and loss of strength. They need lubrication to deal with bending stresses, high groove pressures, moisture and corrosion that can damage the integrity of the wire rope strands. Filter Focus offers products and services that include lubricant and lubricator supply, application and consultation. It distributes Stran/CORE, which is used in conjunction with Core-Lube, an automated wire rope lubricator, which is the first ever product that doesn’t require pressure to distribute the lubricant into the wire rope. Stran/CORE includes additives that fight corrosion, wear and can displace water in the rope’s core. The grease is supplied in a self-contained unit and the CoreLube is used to pump it to the collar using brushes on the inside to ensure that the grease is evenly distributed along the wire rope. It is able to accommodate wire ropes from 3.2mm to 43mm in size. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 466 1268. 30 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2017 AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING