SA Affordable Housing January / February 2017 // Issue: 62 - Page 31

NEWS Rental housing project unlocking doors The City of Cape Town’s handover to 195 beneficiaries in November last year marks the completion of the 349-unit rental stock housing project in Scottsdene. From left: Councillor Xoliswa Pakela-Mapasa, Cllr Benedicta van Minnen, Alderman Grant Twigg and Ruth Omar with beneficiary Maria Smit in the front. T he Scottsdene project has, among others, been designed to accommodate beneficiaries with special needs and ramps have been installed to ensure that the property is easily accessible. It is home sweet home for 195 beneficiaries who received keys from the City of Cape Town to their new rental units in the Scottsdene rental housing project recently. This handover signified the completion of the rental stock housing project, which now boasts 349 units. The other 153 units have already been allocated to beneficiaries. “We are very proud to be handing over the remaining 195 rental units to our beneficiaries. The determination to see the completion of this project through, despite the challenges, demonstrates the commitment of the City and its partners to ensuring that our beneficiaries have access to dignified homes and services. “As with all of our projects, we have carefully considered the situation of each of the beneficiaries. Using this information, we right-sized tenants to units which are more suitable to their family’s needs – for example, providing larger families with three-bedroom units. We have also installed ramps to ensure that the premises Beneficiary Pauline Hartzenberg with Alderman Grant Twigg. remain accessible for our tenants with special needs,” says the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements, Councillor Benedicta van Minnen. This new Community Residential Unit (CRU) project forms part of the Scottsdene rental estate in Kraaifontein – a large integrated housing development which has been driven by the City, the National Department of Human Settlements and the Western Cape Government’s Human Settlements Department. The development will provide 2 200 housing opportunities, including fully subsidised homes, City rental stock and affordable market rental units. “This CRU project is a key example of the benefits that come with partnerships. The City therefore wants to thank the b ɥ́ȁѡȁѥɅѥ́ݕ)́ѡ]ѕɸ ٕɹӊé!յMѱ)ѵЁȁѡȁɥѥѼѡ IÚɽгt)́ͅ չȁY5)QM͑ɕххєɽЁɕѱ͍)ѽ݅ɐȁѡ ЁM!ͥAɽЁЁѡ)]ѕɸ م5݅ɑ́ѕѡ)ɽ٥ѵЁ!յMѱ̰ݡɔѡ) ɕٕɕѥȁͽ́ɽ)ѕٕȁѡЁ啅ȸ()=I 1)M!=UM%9())9UId IUId((((0