SA Affordable Housing January / February 2017 // Issue: 62 - Page 26

FEATURES The Respublica Seratoge Village development. Image: Respublica Student safety: Keeping students safe is a parent’s first priority, and they will have a large say in selecting the property. Buildings with 24-hour security pay for themselves. Technology solutions like intercoms and cameras appear economical but they are easily broken – leaving residents vulnerable and landlords dashing to find replacements. Because it is a dense construction material, clay brick protects residents against natural disasters like flooding, lightning and hail, as well as civil crime, vandalism and unrest. Clay brick is incombustible with a maximum fire rating. 24 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2017 AFFORDABLE SA HOUSING Student comfort: The density and mass of bricks makes them a natural sound barrier with high acoustic protection – essential for the student lifestyle. The acoustic insulation of clay brick ranges from 43db to 49db. “Fired ceramic bricks are thermal batteries, keeping internal space naturally cool in summer and warm in winter,” explains Jonathan Prior, executive director of the Clay Brick Association of South Africa. “Clay brick's thermal efficiency reduces the need for heating and airconditioning, with savings for the student and fewer dangerous appliances that can be left on!”