SA Affordable Housing January / February 2017 // Issue: 62 - Page 17

SECURE SAVE SUSTAIN STYLE THE VO IC E O F T E C L AY H B RI CK IN D U S T RY CLAY BRICK STYLISH & HEALTHY LIVING USE OUR ONLINE, MAP-BASED SEARCH TO FIND YOUR NEAREST SUPPLIER 100% natural clay bricks contain no toxins, pollutants or allergens and are resistant to mould, ants, borer and termites. Protect your family for life with the secure strength and dependability of clay brick. reduced electricity use ■ maximum fire ratings ■ superior thermal & noise insulation ■ tough, safe & strong ■ beautiful & versatile ■ low VOCs & emissions ■ superb investment ■ low maintenance 011 805-4206 |