S9650 Australia Norwex Catalogue May 2017 S9650 Australia Norwex Catalogue May 2017 - Page 44

Bathe Your Pets in Love. Dry Them in Microfibre. Our pet products are designed to make cleaning and pampering your fur babies simple, quick and oh-so-easy. Pet Mitt Make bath time more convenient and enjoyable for you and your furry friends with our super-soft microfibre Pet Mitt. Used wet, it gently cleans your pet, lifting dirt up into the extra-absorbent microfibres. Great for wiping and drying muddy paws at the door. Stitching between fingers provides extra control. Use dry to remove loose hairs. Size: 2  2 x 30 cm Item #: 309302 graphite RRP $29.50 My Story “I don’t do sales” was my very blasé response to the offer to join Norwex almost 8 years ago. Then the “Norwex phenomenon” happened, and I realised I have to have every product in the range in my own home, and that I can’t help but share this amazing product with everyone I meet. For me, Norwex has become the best job anyone could dream of – flexibility, full time income for less than part time hours, incredible travel opportunities and family holidays mostly paid for by Norwex, wonderful friends, and the gift of teaching my children how important creating a safe haven is for our health and for the environment. This business is about so much more than sales. It’s about seeing the “sceptic” guest become excited because the products work so well, it’s about giving my hosts hundreds of dollars of free products as a “thank you” for sharing Norwex (all company funded, of course!), it’s about seeing team members grow in confidence and build their own Norwex dreams. It’s about making a difference. It’s about changing the world. Will you join us?” Zelia Malherbe, Vice President Sales Leader, Qld Creating safe havens for seven years Pet Towel Our ultra-absorbent Pet Towel makes bath time a breeze! Simply slip your hands into the Towel’s convenient built-in hand pockets to gently yet securely hold and dry your pets quickly after washing them. Hangs to dry fast so it’s ready for repeat use, and contains our self-purifying BacLock® agent. Size: 6  0 x 100 cm Item #: 309301 graphite RRP $50.95 44