S9650 Australia Norwex Catalogue May 2017 S9650 Australia Norwex Catalogue May 2017 - Page 33

Essential Oils . . . the Perfect Alternative to Air Freshener Sprays Soothing Blend Need a moment of quiet? Lavender*, Vanilla, Chamomile and Sandalwood combine to create a soothing scent. Settle in as the aroma of this natural blend helps you relax and unwind from the stresses of the day. Escape to a place of serenity with our Soothing Blend. Size:  15 ml Item #: 403140 RRP $59.50 Energizing Blend The bright citrus aromas of Orange* and Lime pair perfectly with just a hint of fresh Mint and delicate Rose to help uplift and energise. Naturally stimulating ingredients evoke positive feelings. Delightful and playful, our Energizing Blend lifts your spirits, like a sunny day! Size:  15 ml Item #: 403142 RRP $49.90 Purifying Blend Warm and inviting, the rich scents of spicy Cinnamon and Cloves are complemented by Sweet Orange*, Eucalyptus and a hint of Rosemary*. These carefully cultivated ingredients are reminiscent of a centuries- old blend that was thought to help purify and cleanse. Your home will smell as clean as it looks! Size:  15 ml Item #: 403141 RRP $45.90 *From organic Italian farming Not recommended for topical or oral use. Flammable; keep away from flames or sparks. 33